Sports betting terms: glossary

The organizer of gambling is a legal entity carrying out activities for the organization and conduct of gambling on the basis of a state license.

Betting is a game of chance in which the outcome depends on an event about which it is not known whether it will occur or not.

Bet (interactive) – the amount of money that the player transfers (using electronic means) to the organizer of the bet on the terms specified by the rules of the game.

Winnings – money or property to be paid to a participant in a game of chance.

A bookmaker’s office is an institution where the organizer of gambling makes bets with their participants.

Gambling Participant (Player) – a natural person who has reached the age of 18, who enters into a risk-based agreement on winning with the organizer of the bet or another participant.

The Processing Center of the Bookmaker is a part of the gambling establishment where the organizer records and processes the bets accepted from the participants, fixes the results, calculates the amount of winnings to be paid, provides information on accepted bets and calculated winnings.

Line – a list of upcoming matches with the proposed Betting odds – odds.

Live – a list of sporting events that you can bet on in real time.

Coefficient – a multiplier for calculating the payout amount for a winning bet. To get the net winnings, you need to subtract the bet amount from the payout amount.

Single – the bet is placed on one event. Singles win is equal to the amount of the bet multiplied by the winning odds.

Express – a bet on several (from two) sporting events, the outcomes of which must necessarily coincide with those indicated in the bet.

System – a complete combination of parlays of a given size from a predetermined number of events, for example, “three out of four”.

A bettor is a player who bets on sports at a bookmaker.

Capper is a professional analyst who sells sports predictions. Watch the video: Who is a capper?

Dogger is a seller of information about match-fixing, and an insider is a leaker of useful, exclusive information about a team, an athlete.

Catching up is a game strategy in which, with the help of the following bets, they try to recapture previously lost money.